Testimony: Working In Singapore?

Testimony: Working In Singapore?

French born Osteopath @gregorytheosteo joined @the.osteo.sg in August 2017. He completed a Masters Degree in Osteopathy, at The British School of Osteopathy.

Previously, Gregory worked in an Osteopathic clinic in London before his move to Singapore. In his consultations, he looks for postural and muscular imbalances along with joint restrictions to formulate a diagnosis and apply an appropriate treatment plan.

Having a degree in Sports Management and Human Resources, Gregory is keen to help people from different backgrounds and has an interest in helping with sports injuries and daily structural issues that may be encountered in the workplace.

Singapore has been a welcoming country building quality partnerships and creating priceless memories!

Gregory enjoys team sports especially football, basketball, running, and has recently taken up yoga and outdoor activities like wakeboarding, which can be done all year long in Singapore!