Testimony: Working In Singapore?

“Working in Singapore has provided me huge opportunities. There are less Osteopaths here, so the demand for treatment is quite high. We treat a mix of Singaporeans and Expatriates from a variety of countries. This experience has broadened my understanding of different patients and presentations significantly. I feel supported by my fellow Osteopaths. Not to mention the amazing of travels I had all around Asia!”

Ana Mackay was born and raised in London, UK. She always had an interest in Human biology and the Arts. She took an Undergraduate degree in Biology at The University of Nottingham before her 4 year Master’s of Osteopathy course at University college of Osteopathy in 2009.

During her time at UCO she was a personal assistant to Simone Ross of Kane & Ross Osteopathy, London an experienced Osteopath with a special interest in prenatal and paediatric care.

As a new graduate she worked in a North London clinic & volunteered at Kids Company Charity as a children’s Osteopath. She studied Women’s Health at the Molinari institute and Visceral osteopathy with Jean-Pierre Barral in London. In 2013 she started her clinic with a TCM practitioner in Harley Street. 2015 came the relocation to Singapore where she worked in 2 clinics before embarking on launching her own clinic in 2022.

Ana loves to practice a mixture of osteopathic styles, dry-needling and yoga rehab for patients.

Living in Asia has been one of the best decisions of her life as she has been able to learn from mentors and colleagues she would not have had the chance to meet. She had 2 kids in Amsterdam and returned to Singapore to work in 2019.