Testimony: Working In Hong Kong?

“Working in Hong Kong as well as other areas of Asia has allowed me to encounter a wide diversity of medical approaches. I kept learning from local practitioners while being exposed to both similar and different pathologies that I’ve seen during my studies in the UK.
The different mentalities of patients and colleagues here helped to develop more complete skills, and a valuable capacity to adapt clinically.”

Étienne Simonnet is an Osteopath from France. Based in London from 2014 until 2018, he graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in the United Kingdom.

He accumulated wide experience while in the UK through private clinics as well as sport, pediatric clinics and public hospitals. A multi-educational process with internships in France allowed him to integrate a certain diversity in his treatment approaches, adapting specifically to the patient’s needs.

The realignment of structure and function of the muskulo-skeletal system is very important for Etienne, constantly aiming to cure the symptomatic origin. While treating dysfunctions, he is also focused on enhancing posture adaptation and body mechanics in adults or teenagers either to optimize recovery or prevent potential impairments and conditions.