Testimony: Working In Canada?

Testimony: Working In Canada?

“In Canada I have the chance to work with a team trained in different countries. We share experiences and we grow together. I’m also happy to participate in a better knowledge of osteopathy in this country. Canada definitively brought me a crisp fresh air to open my mind, in my practice as well as in my life.
Thank you OsteoJob for sharing life-changing opportunities!”

@emmatranier is from Provence in the south of France. She graduated with a master’s degree from the Institut de Formation en Ostéopathie du Grand Avignon (@ifo.ga ), France. She discovered osteopathy while studying biology in Spain! She subsequently decided to dedicate herself to the field.

Today, Emma is working in Canada @fullcirclehealthnetwork who posted one of the first job offers on OsteoJob back in March 2022!

In her practice, Emma considers the human body as a whole, where the mind isn’t separated from the physical body. Empathetic and attentive, she does her absolute best to guide her patients to find their own way to healing.

Aside from osteopathy, Emma is passionate about yoga and meditation. She spends her free time traveling, hiking, and enjoying life!