Testimony: Working in Bali?

Testimony: Working in Bali?

“After years of seeking and struggling to get the balance between surfing lifestyle, quality of life and my passion for Osteopathy, I have finally got it: and where better than in Bali?!”

Ariadna Bejiga is a spanish Ostepath who grew up and studied in Barcelona at the Heilpraktiker Institute from 2007 to 2011.

Once graduated, she moved to different places such as Ibiza or Australia. It is in Bali (Indonesia) that she finally settled for the last 9 years following her passion for surfing.

There, she founded OBAT (Optimum Body Alignment Training) where she focuses on the Optimum Alignment of the human body for the correction of a poor corporal posture, misalignments and many other dysfunctions that do not allow the perfect balance of one’s body.

Her treatment often includes specific postural correction exercises, neuromuscular taping and osteopathic techniques.

She is now practicing at the @balihealingcenter