Osteopathic Manipulations, Mobilisations and Muscle Energy Techniques (Spine and Peripheral Joints) FEAT. David Lintonbon D.O.

Singapore 19/10/2022

CPD Description

We are proud to be hosting world-renowned Osteopath and educator David Lintonbon D.O. for a 3-day course on Osteopathic Manipulations, Mobilisations and Muscle Energy Techniques (Spine and Peripheral Joints) at A Plus Health. David Lintonbon D.O. , registered Osteopath and lecturer from the London School of Osteopathy and with 25 years of international teaching experience. This is part of his Oceania-Asian tour following New Zealand and Australia.

If you want to build your confidence with HVLA or want to brush up on your skillset, this course will be well-suited to your needs. Take your understanding of HVLA and skills to a new level. This 3-day seminar will give you a new perspective and add additional techniques you may not have seen before.

David will safely teach you how to use Grade 5 manipulations (also known as HVT – High Velocity Thrust or more commonly in Australia, HVLA – High Velocity Low Amplitude). During this 3-day course you will also learn specific manipulation, mobilisation, and muscle energy techniques for the pelvis, sacroiliac joint, lumbar, thoracic, and cervical spine. Along with peripheral techniques for the shoulder, a/c s/c, elbow wrist, hand and foot and ankle.

This course will be of particular interest to you if you work with athletes and use manual therapy.

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to competently and safely manipulate and mobilise the joints of the pelvis, lumbar and thoracic spine etc.

This is a very intense course using high standards of practical skill; therefore, you must be an experienced therapist to attend this course e.g. Physiotherapist, osteopath, or be a student of Physiotherapy with excellent knowledge of Mobilisation / Manipulative techniques.

SGD 1,000 all-inclusive for a 3-day course including all course materials.





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