3 days practical/hands-on course on assessing and treating pelvic girdle pain during pregnancy and postpartum

United Kingdom 19/05/2023

CPD Description

The Australian graduate, Adi Amit David, a sport psychologist, teaches CPD training all over Europe and will be here soon in London. Adi has more than 15 years of experience treating pregnant and postpartum populations.
This 3-day clinical course is exploring related pelvic pain and dysfunction, tailored for the specific population of pregnant and postpartum women, as well as return to sport postpartum.
The course combines lectures, demonstrations, clinical practice, and video-based case studies. It is combining manual therapy, exercise, and Taping aiming at providing the participants with a wide spectrum of tools to approach this often neglected population.
A number of topics will be covered in the course, including posterior pelvic pain, symphysiolisis / SPD, femoral acetabular impingement (FAI), transient osteoporosis (TOP), etc.
Course learning outcomes:
* understanding & treating musculoskeletal pain syndrome of the pregnant and post-natal population.
Screening pregnant and postnatal patients for red flags and medical conditions
*Diagnosing and treating pathologies common to the specific population using a variety of manual therapies, active approaches, and taping techniques.
* helping postpartum women get back into sports and active lifestyles.


United Kingdom


British College of Osteopathy, NW3 5RR,London

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08:30 am

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05:00 pm

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