2 days Western acupuncture/dry needling course for headaches, TMJ, and orofacial pain

United Kingdom 10/06/2023

CPD Description

Dr. Tzvika Greenbaum, from the Cervico-Cranio-Mandibular Academy (CCMA), is a clinician and researcher. Having taught all over the world, we were thrilled to finally book him in London!
It is a two-day workshop (10-11.6) that provides practical/hands-on training on Orofacial Pain and Headache. These conditions are highly prevalent in treatment practices. Typically, orofacial pain and headaches are caused by musculoskeletal issues (primary or secondary). It has been shown that dry needling of specific facial and cervical myofascial structures that are related to headaches and orofacial pain is highly effective both clinically and in research studies.

This course teaches and practices dry-needling approaches for the most commonly involved myofascial structures in patients with orofacial pain (mainly TMD) and headaches (cervicogenic, tension-type, etc.).
In addition to migraines).
Learning objectives
1. Analyze, evaluate, and identify common myofascial structures that can cause pain in people with orofacial pain and headaches.
2. Manage orofacial pain and headaches clinically using the clinical reasoning model.
3. Apply dry needling techniques to several myofascial structures relevant to patients with headaches and orofacial pain.


United Kingdom



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08:30 am

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05:00 pm

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