Senior Osteopath

Roles & Responsibilities

Working as part of a team of three other osteopaths in our purpose-built high-street clinic in the leafy area of Nether Edge in Sheffield. Working full-time (37.5 hours) over 4 days. Immediate start date or can have flexibility for the right person. We all try to help each other get the best for our patients and our aim isn’t to keep patients coming for maintenance sessions but build their self-efficacy so they don’t need us as soon as possible.

Want to join us?

Do you try to effectively provide person-centred care, in a way that gets lasting results? Are you able to help support patients in learning how to look after themselves rather than just aiming for endless maintenance appointments?

Keen to search for the root cause
Do you consider patients from a biopsychosocial viewpoint and help them understand this? Do you routinely search for the root cause of the issue and provide a diagnosis of ‘why and how’ in order to help them resolve the issue rather than just treating what is injured?

Provide evidence-informed care
Do you work in a way that has a strong rationale so you can bring your patients with you on the journey of solving their longstanding issues?

We’d love to speak to you and answer any other questions you might have about the job so do get in touch

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