Osteopath Calgary Alberta Canada

February 3, 2024

Roles & Responsibilities

We are looking to grow our awesome team of therapists with an enthusiastic driven new team member.

Why Intrinsi:
-Multidisciplinary, primarily based around Physiotherapy (UK and Canadian trained) and Osteopathy (Australian, UK and French trained)
-Employee position
-Niche areas include professional bike fitting and pelvic health
-Our focus is movement, stability, strength, hands on treatment and rehab
-We meet weekly as a team for coffee & cases (clinical rounds) and weekly for tutorials
-Ideal work life balance, 35 hour work week with consecutive days off
-Roughly 1 hour drive from the Rocky mountains (world class hiking/Skiing), 7 hour drive from US border (Montana)
-Canada currently has one of the highest vaccine rates in the world, with minimal current restrictions in place

In addition, we have a new graduate mentorship program.
-Formal, structured and personal development to help new graduate transition from academic Osteopathy program, into clinical practice.
For six months, the graduate will have a weekly meeting with a senior staff member, either a physio or osteo, in the following format. Each month, the graduate will alternate between which senior staff member they meet with.
Week 1: Clinical skills
Week 2: Caseload management
Week 3: Lit/best practice review
Week 4: Mentor driven topic
After the initial six months, mentorship structure will change to suit the ongoing points of focus for the graduate

Specifically looking for someone to grow into a position, to build a long term working relationship with Intrinsi and ideally someone with a special interest in endurance sports (cycling, running, triathlon) and/or women’s health .

We are proud of our reputation and our set up, and feel this is a highly desirable position. If interested, candidates should email Jon@intrinsi.ca with a cover letter and resume at earliest convenience as we are planning our recruitment now. If you have further questions about working as an Aussie osteo in Canada, direct questions to joel@intrinsi.ca