Coaching facilitators

May 9, 2022

Roles & Responsibilities

We are looking for Leadership coaches who are confident in speaking in public to groups and other professionals.
This project is growing and looking at part time roles to work with community groups and other health professionals across the UK and Beyond.
Depending on the applicant we will develop induction training to suit our clients and any groups the applicant may want to work with too in their local area too.
We have a number of outline programme templates on various health promotion and health education topics for different audiences.
Our induction and training can also be provided for applicants.
We can discuss any training charges / fees we would need to make depending on the applicant.
We aim to also support your growth and interest areas in health promotion and health education relating to Osteopaths CPD . Our programme is very much based in communication skills so is very much part of the requirements to fulfill CPD