How to Work In France?

How to Work In France?

Step 1 – Register with competent authority

Candidate must submit his/her request to the Director of the “ARS” who will then decide following the opinion of an osteopathic committee. Once accepted, they will receive a registration number to ADELI.

Step 2 – Submit supporting documents

The application must include the following documents, with their french translation:

* A valid birth certificate and ID
* A resume and cover letter
* A copy of all diplomas, certificates or titles obtained;
* A document justifying that the candidate has completed his training in a higher education institution.
* The content of the studies and internships carried out during their training as well as the hourly volume of teachings and internships;
* If candidate has obtained his diploma in a recognized EU Member State or a certificate from the Member State, he/she needs to certify the length of their professional practice and the corresponding dates.