How to work in Australia?

How to work in Australia?

Step 1 (for foreigner)
Be sponsored by a clinic in order to apply for a work VISA. The clinic should help you take care of the process.

Step 2
In order to apply for the general registration with the Osteopathy Board of Australia, you first need to do a desktop assessment to determine if you are eligible for the Standard Pathway (unrecognised diploma) or the Competent Authority Pathway (recognised diploma).

Step 3
In the Standard Pathway you will be required to pass a written exam, an Online practical assessment, a Practical clinic exam and an open book exam (OBE)

Step 4
In the Competent Authority Pathway, you will be required to pass the Open Book Exam (OBE) and will need to go through Supervised Practice under provisional registration.

Step 5 (optional)
Both Pathways will require you to pass an English certification (e.g. IELTS) if English is not your primary language or if you didn’t study at least 5 years in English.