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Our mission is simple; we want to be the last therapist you ever need – so you enjoy life unlimited by your body without ever needing us again.

Whilst our mission is simple, pain and your body are quite the opposite.

I used to compare what we do to that of a mechanic but the analogy doesn’t work. There are too many people in the world in pain and these are often the people that spend the most time looking after their machinery, whilst plenty of others that haven’t ever done any maintenance aren’t in pain.

I now think a driving instructor is a more suitable representation of what we do, your body has it’s own very good inbuilt mechanics, biting your tongue is usually better in a few days, broken bones a couple of months, amazing isn’t it.

A good driving instructor will teach you enough of the theory to make you a safe competent driver, aware of the hazards and how to control the car safely, then initially with dual control, get out on the roads and see what you are capable of.

No one goes to a driving instructor for life and the best ones should be judged by the number of safe, confident drivers on the road that can go where they want, enjoying the drive.

We are constantly striving to improve the care we give by making sure we have the best team of clinicians and are committed to ensuring we are at the forefront of healthcare by investing in training and technology. We are recognised nationally by our professional body and have been awarded runner up at their prestigious award ceremony.

In April 2020 we were featured on national radio credited as starting the Virtual Osteopathy Resolution when we launched our virtual service that manages to continue to help people with the same effectiveness as face-to-face appointments, we weren’t going to let a pandemic get in the way of our mission!

We look forward to helping you and promise to give you the absolute best care, you just let us know what you need. Suppressing the pain, which usually takes 3-4 sessions, is very different to dealing with the problem once and for all so we’re the last therapist you’ll ever need.

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