About Candidate

I’ve graduated from UCO formerly BSO, based in London in 2022. I’ve learnt structural throughout my degree but I equally enjoy using visceral, cranial and tissular (Pierre Tricot) that I have picked up from shadowing various osteopaths and CPDs. These are invaluable when treating babies, acute patients and those suffering with headaches and I have seen a positive change.

In 2022 I’ve completed a canine and equine osteopathy post graduate certificate from the OCA in Wantage (Oxford). Oxford is also where I reside and practice, treating humans and animals.

Having spent most of my childhood living abroad, I have been fortunate to experience a variety of cultures. This diverse upbringing has profoundly shaped my perspective, allowing me to connect deeply with patients from all walks of life. It has instilled in me a unique sensitivity and understanding, which I bring to my practice every day. As an osteopath, I am committed to ensure a compassionate and inclusive environment where every patient feels heard and valued.