Li Thomas

July 7, 1998

About Candidate

My name is Li Thomas, and I am a new graduate Osteopath with interests in stress, trauma and lifestyle management.

I began as a Trauma Release Exercise (TRE) certified provider in 2019 and sought to broaden my scope of practice by advancing through the M.Ost programme at Swansea University (2021-2024)

My goal has always been to assist individuals in gaining controlled regulation of their sympathetics and life-stress. Along my journey I have found that this is a major contributing factor to my patient’s pain perception and damaging lifestyle habits. It is through Osteopathy that I have found a holistic approach to maintaining utmost patient safety and a framework for supporting patients towards a healthier life.

With interests in other modalities such as CBT, QEC, and Nutrition I intend to develop a practice that can fully empower patients to pursue their own utmost health.

For the last two years I have had the pleasure of working in a private and public Osteopathic clinic, which has helped me to hone in my clinical skills and work alongside other practitioners. It has improved my ability to learn from more experienced practitioners, develop my teamwork with healthcare providers, and has given me an opportunity to teach and share knowledge to other students. I look forward to building and continuing dynamic relationships with other healthcare practitioners.