March 3, 1980

About Candidate

I am a portuguese Osteopath with over 10 years of experience and a continuous wish for more.

More learning, more career progression, more professional and personal growth and also more adventure.

This being said, I could not stop myself from creating an OsteoJob´s profile for international applications.

I´m always positive as for believing I can add something to a team.

Having we all very different backgrounds, turns it completely interesting, as we can treat more, share more, learn more and reach further.

I believe I can bring productivity, work capacity, resilience, education and high standards, generosity and attention towards the patient, contribute to good work environment, help my colleagues the best way I know and can, and, as mentioned before, great wish for progression and learning and sharing.

In case my application raises some interest from your side, I will be available for communicating.

Ready when you are 🙂

I appreciate your time and am looking forward to getting your feedback.

Without further ado,

My most kind regards,

Diogo Neves.

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