May 2, 1985

About Candidate

Over the last 10 years, I have gained valuable experience working with a wide range of patients within both the NHS and private sector. Working as a registered osteopath at an NHS GP surgery provided me with a clear insight of the patient workload and socioeconomic diversity normally seen in such setting. Additionally, my work as an independent healthcare provider in private practice has robustly built the knowledge and confidence necessary to assess, manage and successfully treat a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions and to decide whether these are suitable for osteopathic care or need to be seen by or in conjunction with other healthcare practitioner. This has been key to understanding my patients needs and deliver specific treatment plans.

Working for the NHS has enabled me to understand the importance of working within a multidisciplinary team to effectively maintain patient’s health, integrity, safety and confidentiality. My current position as part of Women’s Health at University College Hospital involves monitoring women in labour from early stages of admission until discharge. I have developed a robust confidence and knowledge treating expectant mothers. I am familiar with all prenatal stages, spontaneous vaginal deliveries, instrumental deliveries and surgical interventions. I understand very well what sort of dysfunctions might arise from pregnancy itself and surgical interventions.  I frequently work autonomously, organising my own workload to fulfil service needs. I work hand in hand with obstetrician, midwives and nurses to provide expectant mothers with the best possible care. I adapt quickly to changes when required as maternity wards are very often unpredictable. I also play an important role with the management team in reviewing and improving services and patient care through risk assessments, audits and continuous improvement projects. Currently, we are in the process of digitalising some parts of the service.

Working as an associate osteopath for 10 years has given me the confidence to work independently and to manage complex cases. Regularly, osteopaths are the first line of contact for patients. I triage, detect red flags and other non-musculoskeletal conditions, referring accordingly to A&E, GPs, imaging or laboratory testing if needed.  I treat patients in a holistic way. Every individual is unique with different needs. As a part of my university training, I graduated with knowledge in the field of cranial osteopathy. I include this modality as part of my treatments. I feel confident treating neonates, children and pregnant women. In my current position I have gained valuable experience working with unsettled new born babies, supporting their mothers both in this particular stressful period.

In addition, visceral osteopathy and acupuncture techniques (including electroacupuncture) is typically part of my patient care plan, especially in chronic pain presentations. In addition, I have successfully used acupuncture techniques for induction of labour. At many occasions, especially during the pandemic, I have done teleconsultations over the phone or via video providing patients with advice and/or delivering results from diagnostic tests.

I currently work with different health informatic systems such as Rehab My Patient and Cliniko (private practice) and ESR and EPIC (NHS). I am compliant with NHS mandatory training which includes vulnerable adults, child protection, safeguarding, information governance and data protection. My Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is submitted on a yearly basis and reviewed every three years as for the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) requirements covering all four mandatory modules of communication and patient partnership, knowledge, skills and performance, safety and quality in practice and professionalism.

Finally, I am an active promoter of health and wellbeing not only with my patients but with myself as well. I take part in several sports and keep myself up to date with the latest research in nutrition and injury rehabilitation. I have a special interest in human movement science and neurology and its application to fitness and performance.