Annette Agnes Davidson

Osteopath with Pilates

About Candidate

Hi Osteo Employers, Thank you for taking a few minutes to read through my CV and experience. I have been fortunate to have a reasonable life and work experience, and I completely embrace the “moving more, moving better” osteopathy concept in my own life.

Currently working 2 days a week in Cardiff and Gloucester, established clinics with full lists, I am also proactive in rebooking, if the patient requires further follow-up.

Looking into my own website and Instagram online Pilates teaching as I have been doing Pilates for many years while keeping my skills current.

Ideally, I am looking for a beautiful, close-to-nature clinic with the right balance of full lists and one that has a good focus on the patient journey with other therapists in the clinic.

Thank you, Annette Davidson.